A long time ago, a revolution was about to rise amidst a continent in the throes of a cultural, intellectual and artistic Renaissance.
A skilful wizard was born in the city profound with arts, ethos and authenticity, in the upper echelon of the Florentine Empire. He was named Adamantino, and was gifted with a vision of innovation, prestige, and skilful artisanship.
horse cap
Heir apparent to a thriving Florentine empire, he excelled not only in arts and literature, but also in swordsmanship and horse riding, thus having the qualities of both a king and a scholar.
He once decided to pay a visit to an ancestral manor which was located in Cambridgeshire in a lush, picturesque location. It was a special trip since it was the birthplace of his beloved father.
The manor was special to him not only because it was ancestral, but also because his father - the deceased king - had grown up there, after he moved over from India. He walked around the palace feeling his father’s aura where his journey was destined to take an unusual path.
While exploring the manor and its structure, Adamantino stumbled upon a secret. He discovered his father’s long lost legacy, a shining mystery, which would revive his destiny forever.
spark diamond
It was a rare jewel having a spark of glory, a precious diamond that would launch a renaissance of its own. Adamantino felt a bit strange about the diamond. His curiosity was piqued and he moved closer to it.
ship-water ship
That outstanding diamond - like none had ever seen - was a legacy that lay 4000 miles away, on the western shores of a port city in a country known for its artisanal heritage.
left-hand diam-hand right-hand
The luxurious stone known to man became a zeitgeist in the magical hands of Adamantino. But just like the most precious jewel on Earth, the prince’s gift was not an easy path to glory.
Driven by his rich legacy and reinforced by his supernatural talent, the diamond beamed and got cut into several smaller pieces which were diamonds in themselves, and went whirling around him with a scintillating flame, while his legacy in the Western Shores of India continued to rise.
Adamantino, the legendary wizard and the prince of luxe, set forth his magical vision to transform the luxury lifestyle landscape in the post- millennial world. He gave birth to a new reign of luxury in the world. One for the people who are willing to give anything for creativity and art.