Leisure Salon Accoutrements

Discerning gentlemen are no strangers to the pleasure of a leisurely smoke. Deeply engaging conversations, solitary contemplation and culture-defining ideas have wafted their way out of sacred ceremonies of scholars. From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and J.R.R Tolkien to Ernest Hemingway and Bertrand Russell, pipes and their classy partners – lighters – have been the trademark of great intellectuals and statesmen. Gravity filling, tamping the tobacco and lighting the pipe – in a well-choreographed half-dozen brief puffs – and troubleshooting the pipe are part of a certain kind of living room etiquette that only the upper echelons of society are privileged to indulge in. The Adamantino spin on an exclusive pipes and limited-edition lighters – leaving them magnificent and dazzling like never before - is tailor-made to sign off on the toniest of business deals and million-dollar deals.